Some Terraform limitations encountered

While working with Terraform (against AWS), I have recently run into following 2 roadblocks:

For this time, I ended up using boto3 python library to bypass these issues. I guess, time to  start using Cloudformation Templates again!


AWS CSA (Associate) Exam Tips


I passed my AWS CSA (Associate) exam on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017. Here are some tips:

– Just reading the official study guide is not enough – max 50% of the exam was based on the book’s reading material.

– Make sure to at least do the exercises in the book – believe me, some of the minute details (such as route 53 allows which type of record to have a TTL value? — This you can only get if you did the hands-on exercises).

– The book (2016 edition) does not talk about ECS yet it appears on the exam – what type of Load balancer allows for dynamic port mapping when used with ECS?

– Take additional time to study – don’t rush it. I literally crammed the book from start to finish in 7 days … DO NOT do this!

– I would strongly, strongly suggest doing hands-on exercises (if possible, by doing both from book and from linux academy). Just knowing the theory won’t help you pass.

– I just read the book and the only thing that helped me pass was my work experience with AWS. Therefore … do the exercises!!!

– Topics to focus on: autoscaling, VPC, networking, security groups, NACL, s3, cloudtrail, vpc flow logs, kinesis, cloud front, autoscaling groups.

– There were 55 questions and 80 min.

I would strongly recommend everybody who works with AWS (even if you don’t code) to get this certification. This cert. has given me understanding at higher level how services in AWS are connected to each other and now at least I can think in terms of AWS services when architecting a complexsolution.

Finally, this cert. allows me to talk and understand about AWS on any given topic.

Github Enterprise Setup (AWS)

Tool: Github Enterprise

Target Environment / Platform: AWS

Deployment type: PaaS (Github provided machine image — AMI)

Use case: Provide developers with a Source Code Management (SCM) tool.


We first looked at utilizing as our SCM to allow us for SaaS based Github offering. However, as of this writing, does not provide ActiveDirectory (SSO) integration – which meant users had to use local userIDs that is why we decided to go with github enterprise.

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